Design & Facilities

o Preschool children are active and curious learners. The school design incorporates consideration given towards the structure, play area, outdoor activity play zone and interiors.

o The physical space has been designed to accommodate the number of children, their safety, areas that support and encapsulates the child’s physical and intellectual exploration through lesson learning and play.


The Indoor Environment

Designed to allow and transform the room into activity zones and learning areas. The activity zones contain a variety of manipulative materials and equipment that are visually displayed or organised to encourage exploration and allow the children to use them in creative ways.

IMG_8898 2.JPG

The Outdoor Environment

o Designed into 3 zones that provides opportunities for gross and fine motor play.

o Playhouse - for the children to indulge in free form play and learning

o Amphitheater - multi functional space for exercise and outdoor activity lessons

o Play area - outdoor play gym equipment

Storage Space

Designated zones for keeping children‘s belongings such as bags, water, snacks, lunch, books, files with easy accessibility for the children. The teaching, learning materials and activity supplies are organized visually into storage boxes or baskets.

More about the colors and art

The usage of colors has been chosen to give a relaxing yet playful mix. The interiors and artwork are curated or hand painted on walls to create a visual flow through the entire room to stimulate the child’s creative mind.  Our storage and shelving are also color coordinated to help children remember where certain toys and activity equipment belong even when the storage boxes are moved around.

Writing Surfaces - Black boards / Magnetic boards

Children learn through drawing and writing. We have provided height appropriate multiple black boards and magnetic boards  in activity zones for children to be able to write, draw and learn.

Classroom Adaptability

Based on the learning form of the child be it auditory, visual or kinesthetic. Classroom adaptations have been made accordingly as part of the infrastructure as well as with the facilities and materials used. Play materials have been chosen that are appropriate for early classroom development.


The school has been fitted with CCTV cameras to keep track and monitor indoor and outdoor zones at all times. We always keep a first-aid kit handy and accessible.


We have a good balance of teachers and teaching assistants to child class ratio. This helps the staff provide and monitor the children with focus given to each individual child. The staff constantly monitor the child’s learning and physical growth. Daily records are maintained to keep track on each child’s progress and activity learning growth. Monthly events and PTA’s are held for parent teacher interaction to go over the child’s logs.