Vision & Philosophy

o Day in a Jar curriculum and school layout design has been structured to meet the needs of the children and members of our community! We aim to provide a fun filled and dynamic learning environment. Described as cosy, welcoming and inclusive.

o Our preschool provides a place where every child enjoys coming to school.

o Our primary goal is to provide our preschool children a place full of warmth and care where they feel school is an extension of their home.

o We believe that children need nurturing, guidance and a place to explore their little minds.

o Our environment is designed to create just that - a place of interest that is developmentally-appropriate and responsive to the needs of each child.


School Profile

o First of its kind in Mysuru. A well designed and structured curriculum focused on Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning forms.

o The prefect fit and place of interest that is developmentally-appropriate with cognitive science driven lesson plans that meet the needs of each child's knowledge growth.

o Our advanced teaching approaches give each child the opportunity to be 2 grades ahead on the learning curve.

o We ensure the holistic growth of children across both academic and motor skills. We conscientiously focus on reading and oratory skills of each child.


  • Our greatest asset at Day in a Jar is our diverse group of advisers, educators and support staff

  • Our advisory board comes with a mix of backgrounds to bring in the right design, branding and school programme structure. They are constantly involved in the ongoing training and professional development that our educators receive to help bring out their true potential and in turn drive our well designed curriculum.

  • Our educators possess a loving and nurturing attitude towards our children. They come with years of preschool and educational experience. They work as a team coming up with innovative ideas and activities to keep the child’s attention and help them receive the best education knowledge.

  • Our support staff are well trained and have been part of our institute for years. They dedicate themselves to keep our environment fresh and clean to begin each day on happy note.