Day in a Jar - A perfect fit for your child

Day in a Jar curriculum and school layout design has been structured to meet the needs of the children and members of our community! We aim to provide a fun filled and dynamic learning environment. Described as cosy, welcoming and inclusive, our preschool provides a place where every child enjoys coming to school.



We try to meet the individual needs of each child, while helping the child to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, a constructive approach towards learning and a sense of curiosity and independence.

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Why your child should attend our school

  • It helps the child to mature socially: learns to show consideration and respect for others, to give and to accept help from others, to participate and to lead in group activities, to accept responsibility.

  • It helps the child to mature intellectually: soaks in cognitive developmental information, learns to express, be creative through art and music, use initiative and imagination, be alert to the world around them.

  • It helps the child to mature physically: develops better control of their body movements, improved posture and develops good healthy and hygienic habits.

  • It helps the child to mature emotionally: the child is helped to overcome shyness, lose some of the fears and anxieties common to little people, enjoys working and playing with other children, acquires pleasure in their own accomplishments.


Programme Highlights

o Day in a Jar daily schedule offers a combination of circle time, exercise, child approved yoga lessons, accelerated teaching, free form play, self learning activities, indoor and outdoor activities, snacks, lunch, nap and reading time.

o Curriculum focus on visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning forms.

o Stimulating environment with rich resources for child growth.

o Mature reading techniques to help children become advanced readers.

o Emphasis on free form learning and outdoor play with guidance and monitoring

o Highly innovative learning activities to develop fine and gross motor skills.

o Daily chart/log on child’s daily activity and behaviour logging

o Daily folder w/monthly calendar of activities and special events


Design & Facilities

o Preschool children are active and curious learners.

o The areas have been designed to support and encapsulate the child’s physical and intellectual exploration through self directed play.

o We have a range of learning material and activity spaces that allow the educators to keep them engaged and focused during lesson learning and play.

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Admissions are now open for preschool children aged between 2.5 - 4.5 years.


Day in a jar will be “India’s first Cognitive Science Driven Preschool."


Attend our open house for the free guided tour of the preschool.